WTF Japan: Chainsaw Ass

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Mar 102016

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.40.26 PM

If you haven’t seen Mutant Girls Squad then this is what your missing! Oh how I love Japanese B-movies

Commercial Break: Georgia Max Coffee

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Mar 082016


Time for a commercial break! Are you tired of driving a car and would rather just lay on your stomach and hold on to wheels. Well your in luck because Max Coffee will give you the energy you need to finish first in the race of life!


Cons This Weekend: March 4-6 2016

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Feb 292016


Spring is coming soon, warmer weather equals awesome time to cosplay! check out the cons happening this weekend! Continue reading »

WTF Japan: Net Launcher

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Feb 202016

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 8.25.41 PM

Watch as these dangerous Japanese criminals get caught off guard by a gun…..that…..shoots……..nets. yup, thats all.

Cons This Weekend: February 19-21 2016

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Feb 152016


Wow there are tons of cons this weekend. Check out whats happening below. Continue reading »

WTF Japan : Madoka Makes Tea

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Feb 122016

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 3.32.25 PM

Technically not from Japan, but check out how Youtube user kurokkuchan transforms this Madoka poster into a fun new way to get your Tea…….yup. Peechan…..thats what he calls it.

Commercial Break: Okamoto Zero One

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Feb 032016


Time for a commercial break! If you’re a dinosaur, and your having unprotected sex, your partner wont like it. Use Okamoto Zero One condoms. Don’t be prehistoric.

WTF Japan: Giant Snow Titan

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Feb 012016


Damn, Even Japans snow sculptures are epic, Check out the pics after the break for an awesome Snow Titan. Continue reading »

WTF Japan: Cutest Idol Music Video

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Jan 182016

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.10.07 PM

Now who doesn’t love a cute Japanese Idol, and I think I’ve found the cutest of them all, check out the video below

Cons This Weekend: January 8-10 2016

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Jan 042016


2016 is here and Joygazm is coming back fierce. If your feeling Post Con Depression, don’t worry! Here are cons coming to start the new year this weekend. Continue reading »