Sep 252014


We dive into a bag of miracles with Miracle Bag Puccho! SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for new snack reviews every THURSDAY!

JoygazmTV: Ramencon 2014 MUSIC VIDEO!

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Sep 232014

WE were at Ramencon last weekend,Check out how fun it was in the Music Video below!


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Sep 182014


Joygazm Gang Reviews a werid Stick Jelly in this episode of SUPER JAPANESE SNACK REVIEW. New episodes every THURSDAY

JoygazmTV: Super Japanese Snack Review Season 3 Premiere

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Sep 112014


Snack Reviews are back and better than ever! Be sure to check them out every THURSDAY. Watch the season premiere below!

WTF Japan: Hyper Japanese School Girl

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Sep 092014

So, I guess this is what happens when you introduces a ton of sugar into the japanese diet….well, maybe not, but damn. Didn’t know someone could speak so fast. This is what anime probably sounds like to your parents.

J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs Sept 3-9 2014

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Sep 092014

So I decided to start adding the new PVs that come out! Check out all the new PVs after the break! Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: New Album from MEJIBRAY

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Sep 092014


December 3rd, MEJIBRAY will release their 2nd studio album. Titled THE”420″THEATRICAL ROSESthe album will come in 2 editions. The limited edition will feature 15 tracks plus the PV for Echo on DVD! The regular edition will feature 17 tracks. In addition MEJIBRAY will havfe a one-man show titled THE THEATRICAL SHOW on December 22nd at Shibuya Public Hall.

<via Official Site >

J-Rock Tuesdays: Listen To: Jinkaku Radio

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Sep 092014


This is one of my new Favorite bands to listen to. I recently discovered Jinkaku Radio, and oh boy am I happy I did. Jinkaku Radio are a self- Produced indie rock band. The band consists of 2 people. Yuuki on vocals, guitar, lyrics and composition, and Naoki on bass guitar, live backing vocals, production and arrangement. Their name translates to “Personality Radio”, The music Jinkaku radio produces is so good, Yuukis vocals are amazing and the melodies they create together are very catchy. They sort of remind me of a younger Radiohead, but Japanese and more melancholy pop rock esque(dont know if that makes any sense). but anyway check out their song Kuchinashi (くちなし)after the break. I guarantee you’ll love em. Continue reading »

AKB48 Meets Super Smash Bros

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Sep 082014

AKB48 Wallpaper HD 3

Check out this trailer for Super Smash Bros on the 3DS featuring AKB48 girls in battle.

Games: Captain Earth on PSP VITA

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Sep 082014


Hi hi! Kuri here! Finally getting back to writing more of these things! Well you guys know me, I’m a big gamer, and bigger on visual novels and otome games, so I have news for you! Captain Earth will be on PSP VITA as of February 2015!

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