JoygazmTV: Snack Review! Gummy Tsureta Grape-Aji

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Oct 162014


New Episodes every Thursday! This week we eat some Gummy Tsureta Grap-Aji!

Life Size Patlabor Ingram Outside Tokyo Shopping Mall

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Oct 152014


First a Life Size Gundam and now this!! Fans of Patlabor will be excited to see this awesome life size AV-98 Ingram robot outside Tokyo’s Lalaport Toyosu shopping mall. The robot is 1 of 2 robots made for the Live action The Next Generation Patlabor Project! Check out the Timelapse video below by Darwinfish to see the awesome robot!

Oct 092014


Never knew Ice cream would be so hard. Thats on this episode of Super Japanese Snack Review! New Episodes every Thursday!

Oct 022014


New Episode! Check out as we eat some cute bear thingies! New Episodes every Thursday!

Sep 252014


We dive into a bag of miracles with Miracle Bag Puccho! SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for new snack reviews every THURSDAY!

JoygazmTV: Ramencon 2014 MUSIC VIDEO!

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Sep 232014

WE were at Ramencon last weekend,Check out how fun it was in the Music Video below!


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Sep 182014


Joygazm Gang Reviews a werid Stick Jelly in this episode of SUPER JAPANESE SNACK REVIEW. New episodes every THURSDAY

JoygazmTV: Super Japanese Snack Review Season 3 Premiere

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Sep 112014


Snack Reviews are back and better than ever! Be sure to check them out every THURSDAY. Watch the season premiere below!

WTF Japan: Hyper Japanese School Girl

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Sep 092014

So, I guess this is what happens when you introduces a ton of sugar into the japanese diet….well, maybe not, but damn. Didn’t know someone could speak so fast. This is what anime probably sounds like to your parents.

J-Rock Tuesdays: New PVs Sept 3-9 2014

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Sep 092014

So I decided to start adding the new PVs that come out! Check out all the new PVs after the break! Continue reading »