Jul 162014

Check out these awesome Screenshots from the new Appleseed Film that will becoming to Blu-ray and DVD on July 22 in North America after a digital release on July 15. The film is a reboot! showing the early days of Deunan and Briareos in search of the legendary city of Olympus. Shinji Aramaki is returning to direct this new film after directing the two previous CG Appleseed films. The film looks real cool, Kinda has a Metal Gear feel to it, so check out the screenshots and trailer after the break. Continue reading »

Cons this Weekend: July 18-20 2014

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Jul 142014


Cons Cons Cons, this weekend you should go to a con! get your cosplays ready and check out whats happening this weekend, and don’t worry, there arn’t any tumblr conventions. Continue reading »

New Danbo Collaboration with Japan Post Yu-pack

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Jul 122014


So Yatsuba&!’s awesome carboard robo is again getting a new variation, in the past we have seen Danbo made from Calbee boxes, Pepsi boxes, Amazon boxes and more! This time it is  with Japan Post’s domestic mail service Yu-Pack, This cute little guy will be available online from the  Japan Post online store on July 18th, and will sell for 1600 Yen ($15.79). Check out what the little robot looks like after the break! Continue reading »

First Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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Jul 112014


Usually little girls dream of becoming princesses or singers, but Kate Hoshimiya (also known as Lady Venera) dreams of WORLD CONQUEST! Running an organization called Zvezda, with the help of a few weird yet unique people, Kate will stop at nothing to Conquer the world!….jeez omg what can I say about this anime. First off, I like it, I really really like it , the first episode really hooked me in with the super nice clean art and animation, cute awesome character designs and weird humor. I literally was laughing out loud when watching this show, and that hardly ever happens for me. seeing as how my humor is weird. Continue reading »

Watch: Gackt Play Video Games!

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Jul 112014


So, what does Gackt do in his free time when not being super awesome and amazing. Well, play video games!, check out the video below of Gackt playing River City Ransom. Why? because its Gackt thats why, and anything he does is awesome!

WTF Japan: Best Comb Over Ever!

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Jul 112014


Now Japanese people have a way with doing thing in creative ways, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to making it look like you have a full head of hair! Check out this awesome dude and his awesome comb over skills.

NEW Vocaloid Voiced by Actress Kou Shibasaki

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Jul 102014


I love my self some vocaloid, even though I’m not that great at keeping up with all the stuff! And damn there is a lot of stuff. But, wow this NEW vocaloid is super cute and is voiced by Actress Kou Shibasaki who has appeared in films like Battle Royale and Dororo. The vocaloid is named Galaco and was designed by Jiro Tomioka, Galaco will feature two voice libraries and the VOCALOID3 Library Galaco NEO software will be available for purchase and download next month! The software will retail at about $170. Check after the break to see a full image of the cute Galaco Continue reading »

Commercial Break: Kawa Coffee

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Jul 102014


Time for a commercial break! feeling tired, wish you can break a bunch of rocks? drill big holes? have massive muscles? just wanna have more POWER??? well then drink some Kawa Powered Coffee!

First Impressions: Space Dandy

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Jul 082014

Space Dandy - 10 - Large 20

Because he is a Dandy in space?! OMG what did I get into. Based on the manga by Masafuni Harada and Directed by the famous Shinichiro Watanabe (cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo) comes Space Dandy. The show follows Dandy(who is a dandy guy in space) a Alien hunter on the prowl to find rare aliens and turn them into the Alien registry to make a buck. Teamed up with his robot assitant QT(the more logical one) and a “space cat” Dandy creatively named “Meow” because he couldn’t pronounce his real name. They scour the universe looking for aliens while always having an evil galactic force called the Gogol Empire trying to find and capture Dandy. Continue reading »

J-Rock Tuesdays: FLOW to Play at AnimeFest 2014

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Jul 082014


We saw them at Anime Central in the past, now we can see them at AnimeFest in Dallas, TX. AnimeFest will be going on August 15-17th. So if you are going be sure to check out FLOW!

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